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Run Coaching


*discounted services available for bundled months

Our coaching philosophy centers on developing a plan for YOU. That means factoring in your life outside of running as much as mileage, workouts, recovery, progressions and goals. We make sure your interactive training plan always meshes with your whole life through daily communication - think unlimited emails & messaging, plus routine video chats, woohoo!

Strength for Runners


*free for athletes using our run coaching services

The right strength training program can develop strong running mechanics, mitigate injury risk and keep runners on the roads and trails, consistently chasing their next big adventure. But creating our own program comes with a lot of questions: Where do I begin? How do I make each exercise the *right* intensity for me and my running - and how the heck do I progress safely? Our monthly strength plans support your running goals and give answers to all your questions. Choose from post-rehab, base phase, goal phase, or adventure phase program and we will cater it to your current run plan and foundation of strength.

Gait Analysis + 6 week corrective strength program


Now offering in-person AND virtual options!

Our gait analysis is a multi-step process that begins by capturing video of your running mechanics to identify inefficiencies in the gait cycle that can effect performance and injury rate. After extensive video is captured and analyzed, you'll receive a document with pictures and detailed findings, along with a 4-week, corrective exercise program developed from your personal results. This option also includes a video chat to discuss the findings, how they apply to training, the way ahead, and any questions you have. 


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