Chafing, aka one of the glorious aspects of running that results in lots of startled animals as you light up the trail with well chosen expletives... occasionally paired with chucking a heart rate monitor deep into the woods. Oh, and lest you forget the best part: the post run shower.

 Sunnyvale, in the suburbs of San Jose, was our home for about a year. Perfect weather, breathtaking sunsets, wonderful people, trails of your dreams... housing prices of your nightmares. We liked to say we were long-term tourists. It wasn't't feasible to *actually* live there, so we planned to soak up every golden, sunbaked, perfect...

Scour the web for local training spots and running routes, no more! This article lays out the top 5 trails and running routes around Seattle, WA with tips on getting there, parking, elevation, terrain, what type of workout the route is perfect for and even (oh, yes!) when you need to look out for swooping owls!

Hey all! This week we are bringing a special guest onto the DPR blog to share his expertise in strength training. Daniel Pedraza, BS, CSCS.  Danny is a strength and conditioning coach working for Liberty Performance Training in Phoenix, AZ.  He has worked with numerous endurance athletes, including multiple i...

"Stubborn as an ox" is soooo antiquated. "Stubborn as plantar fasciitis" seems much more applicable, particularly as it is one of the five most common injuries in runners and seems to hang around waayyyy past patience. 

Recently, one of our athletes on the DPR running team mentioned pain on the bottom of the foot, near the heel,...

Let's be real. Does anyone *actually* want to do anything after a run but drink chocolate milk and shower with the goal of depleting the hot water tank of all its contents?

I sure don't. So I need the biggest bang for my buck. 

Although more research is needed, articles have linked impaired hip strength to occurrence of...

If I had to write this blog post in emojis, it would be filled with hearts and rainbows and unicorns and blushing smileys with jazz hands.

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