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My name is Asher Henry. I am doctor of physical therapy, head coach here at DPR, and an avid runner to boot! I grew up playing team sports, but felt the draw and love for running start to grow in college. Since then, I've been working with runners in a slew of different capacities. I've been a high school and collegiate coach. I've worked with youth runners and adult-aged. I've treated runners right after an injury and helped them improve mechanics, tap into their childlike joy of running, and reduce their injury rate. From working with beginners to those of us with a bit more experience - I've loved every minute of it, and would be ecstatic to help you too! 


A little about the team! We are super diverse in running experience, location, weekly mileage, preferred racing distance, etc. but one thing we all have in common: the love of the run and the desire to make it part of our life for as long as we can. By joining the crew you will not only get a plan designed for where you are at right now and where you want to go, but one that celebrates the process. You'll also have access to unlimited communication and daily cheers from me and the squad via your training log and our team-only Facebook page. 


But right now, this is about you. What are your running goals and how can I help you get there? I provide personal, interactive coaching services as well as in person body work sessions, all with the goal of keeping you happy, healthy, and consistent in the pursuit of life-long running and adventuring. 

Want to know more? Face to face convos are my jam. I never charge to video chat and love connecting with new people in the running community. 




Doctor of Physical Therapy 

B.S. Exercise Science 


VdotO2 - Certified Coach

NASM - Performance Enhancement Specialist

NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Myofascial Decompression ("cupping") - Level 2 Certified

IASTM ("scraping") - Certified 


Head Coach, DPR Team

Former High School Cross Country/Track Coach

Former Assistant Coach, Missouri State University


2017 USATF Half Marathon Trail Championships, 5th place 

2013 USATF 10K Trail Championships, 4th place

4-time All-American, Track & Field // Cross Country

Rodeo Valley Trail Half Marathon, Course Record

Glade Top Trail Run, Course Record 


4:42 Road Mile

16:18 Road 5k

1:19 Half Marathon

Dasher Performance & Running
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Issaquah, WA