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The DPR Team Story

Dasher Personalized Running was established in 2017 while Dr. Asher was treating overtrained and injury-plagued runners in the physical therapy clinic. Though injury is an inevitability from time to time, a cycle of pain and heartache from continual setbacks is not. The DPR philosophy centers around long-term running that maximizes joy and mitigates injury through science based strategies and close athlete-coach communication. 

The team is filled with amazing runners of all levels and goals: milers, 100 milers, power hikers, road racers and trail blazers. We are run-walkers, Boston qualifiers, just beginning-ers, belt buckle earners, and mountaineers... but in our hearts, we are all adventurers who love the life-giving nature of running. We might be spread across the world, but we are here to lift each other up, cheer each other on, and experience this crazy journey together.


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