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A go-to hip strength or dynamic warm up routine. Complete it all or choose a few that specifically target your key needs areas!

General Rule #1: Reduced injury risk is also associated with ~168-185 strides/min. 
General rule #2: Research states that one of the biggest risk factors to running injury is how hard you strike the ground. Aim to run with soft, quick strides.
General Rule #3: Lean into uphills from your ankles – this is huge. Your torso should mimic the grade of the hill. Lean forward while climbing.
General Rule #4: During intervals and strides: run confidently and smooth. Straining is never the goal. I'd rather 10 seconds slower than an ounce of tension. This encourages proper mechanics and improves running economy.

If you are looking to improve your power hiking form, this article is a great starting place.