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Team recap

Feb. 25, 2020

What up team??!

It's been a wild February! Gnarly races, celebration runs, and crazy winter weather keeping things interesting!

As a quick aside: the cold and flu season is hitting hard right now! If you are feeling under the weather, please 1. reach out! and 2. choose to sleep instead of running. The return to health happens much quicker if we prioritize sleep and rest while symptoms are still intense. Until you feel at least 90% better, it's a better idea to play it safe and save running for another day.

Now back to the news of the day!


Emily Truong has been playing in the Arizona dirt! She recently made the move to Tuscon, AZ and using our winter training season to rediscover all the fabulous trails! In the last couple weeks she jumped in the Fleet Feet Arizona Trail Race 8 miler and TMC sunrise at old Tucson 4 miler. It's inspiring watching Emily turn training into adult play ground time! Woooweee desert switch backs and zoomies! Such fun!!

Carol Ann Pendergrass and Lawson Millner are a serious dynamic duo. They are on a mission to run a marathon in all 50 states!! Florida is first up and they ROCKED OUT the St. Petersberg Marathon in style! Lawson matched his pervious best time and Carol Ann beat her PR by 12 minutes! Eeee this is going to be such a blast!! What an adventure!

Ryan Herring! What to say about this guy? He is so positive and truly a joy to partner with. He joined the team to intentionally build back after a major injury setback. We have been diligent and smart, while also taking advantage of fun events and experiences along the way! Enter ALL the Boulder, Colorado run-cation fun and the Kaiser San Francisco 10k where he felt the best he has in over a year!!! Amazing!!

Speaking of run-cations, Pam Sailors and Rosie Laughlin traveled to South Carolina for some family time and the Hilton Head Half Marathon. After being nailed with a cold the week of, Pam ran an amazingly strong, joy-filled race and finished 2nd in her age group! There must be something in the ocean breeze because Rosie crushed the course as well - finishing first in her age group! Unfortunately, in the airport on the way back to Missouri, Pam gallantly broke a mans fall and her wrist at the same time. Please send all the love, hugs and healing thoughts to her as she recovers these next few weeks. We are with you, Pam!

Leslie Dugger kicked off her Spring racing season at the Miles for Meridian 5k, placing 2nd overall and running her 5th fastest 5k EVER - off nothing but winter maintenance miles!! Oh, and she was sick the week of - completely insane in the membrane! The quest for sub 20 is ON and HAPPENING!

Shelby Barkshire ran her first road race of 2020 at the Better Half 10k. Our plan was to gain some tools for the upcoming season, have fun, *feel* pace, and use this as a fitness tester and GOODNESS did she! 10k PR and 2nd in her age group!! This year is going to be SUCH a blast!!

Genevieve Knauf ran the Hot Chocolate 15k in prep for the Cowtown half AND with everything piled up against her. She woke up with a tight neck and shoulder from sleeping wrong, it was HOT as hades in Texas, nutrition/hydration was tough, the list goes on. So you know what Genevieve did? Centered herself, bravely stepped to the line and gave it her all on the day, which is all any of us can do. She showed the courage and resolve that will pay out in dividends on race day. PLUS, afterward, she inspirationally brushed off the day, fully aware that one day does not determine our value, define our fitness level, or predict the outcome of future goals. Her mental strength in the face of hard circumstances is incredible. I am so proud of her!

Peter Houghton raced the Austin Half Marathon as a progressive workout for our goal half in May. We used the first half as a warm up and he ended within just a few minutes of his half PR. Crushing that cruise pace!! We goin' to make some serious memories at the Orange County Half!

Chris Wood jumped in the Lake Chabot 50k (total 31 miles!) this weekend for a nice and easy uptempo long run in prep for the Marin Ultra Challenge 50 miler in March AND FREAKING PR'd at the distance!! He has been working his tail off, day in and day out, and I am so stoked for him to let loose and celebrate at the MUC 50!

Justin Hawkersmith hawked ;) down the field to finish 1st OA at the Pilot Mt. 20k! After a very stressful work week, he centered mentally and let go of expectations. Instead, we focused on allowing the race to come to us, while running on pure gratitude for the chance to escape to the trails. What an incredible day and just a foreshadowing of whats to come.

Special shout out to Hassan Ijaz and Michael Schiff as they make us all jealous with their mid-winter beach vacays!

Lastly, please say hey and throw some love to Sandy Fleetwood and Janel Lanphere, who joined the team this month!!

Team recap

January 28, 2020

What up team!! 2020 has rocked and it makes me jump up and down for all the rad adventures we will have this year! Get ready for an epic winter season breakdown!

We had three DPR peeps at Bandera this year! Quick review: Bandera Endurance Challenge is a 100k, 50k and 25k in Texas. Its the first Western States qualifier of the year and also serves as the US 100k Champs. Its a stellar event and a GNARLY course: constantly changing terrain, from small loose rock to giant boulder steps that crush your soul. Its AMAZING. Mikey and Tony McDermott toed the line in the 100k and let me tell you... what a way to kick off both of their 2020 seasons! Mikey had business to take care of after not being super pumped about last year's showing, and boy did he show up, dropping 90 MINUTES off his 2019 time! Mikey is the model of well rounded training. He consistently carves out time to take care of himself on all levels - mind, body, soul - and it shows in how well he recovers and how much raw mental strength he has. SO PROUD OF HIM and pumped for his future!! Tony McDermott pivoted to Bandera a few weeks from the start line - gotta keep things interesting! Ha! We were originally aiming at Black Canyon 100k in February, but a family matter made that race impossible and - in true Tony fashion - accepted what was to be with a smile and began planning for a new adventure that would stoke his fire. Ain't nothing can phase this dude! We went out, learned some golden nuggets for goal races in future, dominated nutrition💥 (HUGE victory), and demonstrated what living in the moment is all about. Not exaggerating when I say his 2020 race schedule gives me chills cause I know what can happen now that we have nutrition locked in. BIG things to come! Bhakti Chavda. This woman. She is a freaking superwoman. Exceptional employee, daughter, volunteer, runner, pup mom AND future Volcanic 50 CRUSHER. Oh yeah, Bandera isn't only a Westerns qualifier, but it snagged us a chance to lace up to run around Mt. Saint Helens this August. UGH I AM SO THRILLED AND EXCITED for Bhakti! She works HARD, is diligent, rolls with life's punches, is super wise, and always up for a great time out on the trails. Bandera was no exception. She dug deeper because of the trials she's persevered over in life and came across the finish line with a HUGE smile and awesome victorious wobble run. She laid it out there and earned every memory of an incredible race.

WHEW. My fingers need a 2 min easy recovery but I can't stop cause we have SO many runners to lift up!

Carol Ann Pendergrass jumped in the Fellowship of Idiots 19 miler! Why idiots, you ask? This course is straight up and straight down a mountain and the first time a runner completes it she/he is admitted into the Fellowship of Idiots and awarded a certificate of verification. The degree of ridiculousness makes my heart so happy. Lets talk about Carol Ann's day though - she dropped 11 minutes off of last years time!! ELEVEN. Did I mention that this was a training run? We have eyes locked on the St. Petersburg marathon in a few weeks and this race screamed "woooweeee the marathon is going to be soooo much funnnn."

Pam Costabile Thornton and Grant Ritter spontaneously jumped into theMount Tom Snowshoe Scramble this weekend - a snowshoe race turned trail race last minute due to lack of the white stuff! Pam ran the 5k (ahem, 3.4 miler 🙃) and now LOVES TRAILS FO LIFE. She wrote after the race, full-in for all the trail adventures in future. When we first chatted, she wasn't exactly sure which direction running would take her this year (and beyond!). Well, Pam, welcome to the muddy, puddly, terrainy, gloriousness that trails bring! Can't wait!! Grant Ritter toed the line of the 10k (ahem, ahem, 8 miler🙃🙃) and sent it! He crossed the line in 2nd place overall and came away with bonus miles of magnificent muddy memories. We are coming for you 7 Sisters!!!

Rachel Desjardins is a freaking SUPERBEAST. Her love for running is uncontainable and so contagious! Her message after owning the Oregon Winter 5k was all about the beauty of the course, the gratitude for the day, and f'ing shooting your shot when you have the chance. AMEN sister!

Pam Sailors was all in when I floated the idea of doubling back for a second 5k after her upcoming race, the Jack Frost 5k. We are prepping for a vacay half marathon in February and she is showing so much strength I knew this would be the perfect challenge for her. Pam executed the plan with such precision - she is a master of her craft! NAILING paces to a T in 26 degree weather! She is strong AF and is having so much fun this winter - even as the Missouri weather tries to beat her down. Not today, Missouri! Almost forgot to mention - Pam was 3rd overall and won her age group!! She's a boss!! Rosie Laughlin stepped out on the roads to have some fun during a winter reset phase. If you have ever seen a picture of Rosie racing, its accompanied by a HUGE smile. She is the best. Big smiles all around at Jack Frost as she nabbed 1st place overall female!

Shelby Barkshire, everybody!!! Shelby has been balancing a crazy home and work life with a fantastic build back to full training. Could not be more proud of her! She is persistent, joyful, excited, exuberant, SO MANY HAPPY ADJECTIVES. Her race recap is perfectly summed up in her race photo: the best, sloppiest, most fun-with-friends race to welcome her back to the trails! Thank you Soaring Eagle 5 miler for the great event and WOOWEE Shelby, 2020 is going to be a blast!!!

Leslie Dugger gave in to the pull of the indoor track once again and spiked up for an indoor 5k! Thats 25 laps around the 200m track, for those counting. We set out to lay down new memories and inch toward loving the dizzying spin of indoor racing. Leslie did just that and then celebrated with all-you-can-eat pancakes post-race! After the big PRs and time drops Leslie had last year, I am so stoked for whats to come in the months ahead. But for now, we will be here, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, loving all the crazy winter opportunities, and eating all the pancakes!

BIG shout out and WELCOME to Ryan Herring for recently joining the team! He also jumped into a community run - the Fog City 5k for some mid-week fun and to meet new friends. Goal accomplished! I am so excited for Ryan and thrilled to be part of his crew as he builds toward big dreams and rad adventures.

Wooooweee and that's that for this edition of the amazing, gnarly life adventures of the DPR team! Until next time crew, YOU ROCK. 🤘

Team recap

January 6, 2020

Hello, hello!!

What a fun couple of weekend's the team had out on the roads and trails!! In the grand scheme, I couldn't care less about results - they have no bearing on our long term joy. They are a spark in this grand life adventure. What we are striving for is experiences that set our soul on fire. So here's what the team has been up to as we all aim for big scary, silly, ridiculous, hard, challenging, amazing, jaw dropping things that allow us to live a bigger, crazier, more fulfilled lives.

Welcome to the team Jens Hansen! He kicked off his first official week as part of the DPR squad by jumping into the Tiger Mountain Fat Ass 25k - a super sneaky secret non-event with 3700 feet of elevation gain, lots of muddy sloppy, icy, switch back-y gnarliness! The route is a quad crusher and he went after it like a kid just released onto the playground - wooowee!!

Big shout out to Gunner Hansen - son of Jens :) - and Hassan Khan, who are joining the team for the first this month too! Gunner just started an exchange program in MADRID. He will be there for the entire semester. SO jealous. Hassan is a marathoner with big, awesome dreams and joins Amy and Leslie in the NYC area! Mia Brooks and Bobbi Barbarich are back in action too! Look for awesome updates from those two over the next few months - woohoo!!

Speaking of Amy Levitt and Hassan, they kicked off the new year with the Central Park 4 miler - the only place in the states more packed than times square! So many people lovin' some runnin'! Nothing like running in the new year. Liz Kyger agrees - she snagged an age group title at the Tulsa Race into the New Year 5k! Fireworks weren't the only thing booming!!

Grant Ritter laced up for his last road race of the season and blew the doors off his current 10k PR - by over a MINUTE! Insane! He has had an incredible season and its a testament to his consistency and joy for this lifestyle. Onward to the trails!

Pam Sailors is the queen of hills and rocking out progressive races to perfection. Our plan was for a hard 10k, but wind and weather had us shift to a pretty wide goal pace range with a default plan of pure effort based racing. We locked in on the goal of 8:10 to 8:40 per mile. Wanna know what happened? Pam *averaged* 8:10, cutting down each mile *to perfection*. We are not peaked, we are having fun and taking chances. This is what consistency in training and belief in yourself looks like! YASSS. Rosie Laughlin is taking some programmed down time, which naturally means running all the races and topping all the podiums! Pam and Rosie raced the Fresh Start 10k together, and tied for overall best mid-race smiles!

Jess Powell jumped into the Harbison 25k to keep a buddy company during his race - definition of true bro love and just what this community does for one another. BIG HUGS for all this goodness!

Emily Truong moved from the PNW to Tucson, AZ and will be making most of us jealous with her winter runner's tan! She and her family made the drive safely and excited for her adventures in the desert!

Thats it for right now - If I missed anything I'll add it to the top! YOU ALL ROCK!!

December 17, 2019

Grant Ritter freaking OWNED last weekend!!! He went out with belief, and without expectations, and ran a 5k PR by over A MINUTE!! I know what you are thinking, "the ultra guy, Grant?" and to you I say heellllzz yessssss!!! He also signed up for the White River 50 miler this week. It's all about balance, after all. Haha.

Dawn had the flu the week leading up to the 12ks of Christmas. Incredible amount of kudos to this woman, who listened to her body and erred on the side of rest and then ran the 12k with such early restraint and smarts, finishing at 6:30 pace!!

Chris absolutely demolished the 50k at Rodeo Beach this weekend (sub-5 hours, say whaaatt??), but I'm most proud of how he raced with SO MUCH poise, wisdom and wits! We are cranking it up, up, up and he is only in the beginning stage of showing off what he can do. BOOM, STOKED!

Jess crewed 4 friends this weekend as they rocked out Hellgate 100k in a 34 degree Virginia monsoon! Sounds terrib... ly AMAZING! He didn't sleep for 36 hours, was a human pop sickle, and still loved every second. The camaraderie and inspiration from witnessing each runner's resolve, grit, and perseverance, particularly in impossible conditions, is something truly special. Everyone should crew an ultra at some point! Just take caution, Jess signed up for a series of 2020 ultras when he got back to the house on Sunday. ;)

As promised, Pam and Rosie went HAM at the Santa Run 5k, Rosie went full on Grinch, Pam wore a beard, it was fantastic. The pic says a 1000 fabulous words.

Bhakti nailed a solid supported long run during the Brazos Bend half marathon in preparation for Bandera 50k! She also three-way tied with Pam and Rosie for best holiday run-fit... gingerbread sweater, sparkle skirt and red compression socks. Buddy the elf would be so impressed.

Leslie celebrated the holidays by volunteering at the Girls on the Run 5k in NYC. The kiddos have been preparing for this event for 10-weeks. Such a great way to give back and incredibly heartwarming! You're so wonderful, Leslie!

Team recap

December 5, 2019

Whats up team!!

Thanksgiving is the start to the most extreme of all racing seasons - ridiculous costume season!! I'm pumped! I know Pam and Rosie are here for it (come back next week for v. 2 of this post: Santa Runs! ;)). I encourage you all to have a little silly fun with the holiday races coming up - let loose, give zero f&%ks about time, and just have a ball! It's what winter maintenance phase is all about. :)

And now onto the Turkey week race results!

Pam SailorsRosie Laughlin, and Liz Kyger raced the Turkey Trot in Springfield, MO - Pam was 2nd in her age group, Rosie won masters, and Liz snagged the top podium spot in her age group!! Nutshell: they were *really* excited to get to the pies! (ME TOO.) Amazing group training together down in the Ozarks!!

Katie Doran had a crazy morning with a phone snafu but still knocked out the Magnuson Park 15k Turkey Trot in BEAUTIFUL Seattle weather with some running buddies she didn't know she had :) 

Marie also raced the 15k... well, 11k + almost 4k in the woods around the course! She popped out onto the course laughing 20 minutes after making a wrong turn. She finished up with a high five to the race director and kindly made sure she was recorded correctly in the results afterward. :)

Emily Truong ran possibly the least "turkey trot"-like race this weekend. Only 2 people dressed up in all of the Seattle Half Marathon! Travesty! As the first long run back after her amazing Colossal 55k, this was full of alllll the joy and alllll the picture ops. :) Recovery phase in full effect!

Have an awesome week team!

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