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Coaching for every experience level

Jumping in to a completely new, scary, challenging sport is such a brave thing to do! It's why runners new to the sport are so inspiring to work along side. DPR truly loves experiencing the first phase of your run journey (& beyond!) with you - as well as helping set a firm foundation that minimizes injury risk. I have combed the research to learn what injuries those new to running have higher risks for (and how to mitigate them!), am educated in the causes early physical and mental burnout, and have a decade of experience working with over a hundred runners new to the sport. 

I will partner beside you to guide, support, motivate, and help you get addicted to this AMAZING hobby, sport, and love of ours! In addition to individually designed run training written from scratch, DPR offers complimentary level one strength for running programs.

Running for Beginners!: About Me
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