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Speed Legs Workout

A strength for runners workout that requires no equipment and no gym woohoo!

Speed Legs is a workout designed to support strong, powerful running mechanics, but weights are suggested in the original workout.

Modifying it to be a bodyweight workout is a really nice starting place to learn from, but also a go-to to during travel, recovery weeks or during taper for a goal race.

☝️Find an elevated surface: log, stump, bench, stairs, steps, large rock, etc. Look for something 12-24 inches in height, if possible.


2-3 sets of:

- 15 reps x reverse lunge (each side)

- 15 reps x single leg RDL (each side)

- 20 reps x goblet squat

- 15 reps x Bulgarian split squat (each side)

- 20 reps x speed step ups (each side)