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Shin tension or soreness? Try these!

Good morning, eveyone. Today's post addresses the muscle at the front of the shin, called the anterior tibialis. Runners new to the sport can have discomfort here, as well as those that run a lot of downhills (hey, trail runners!).

The muscle at the front of the shin is called the anterior tibialis.

Tension in the anterior tibialis can cause front of shin irritation that occasionally extends down to the top of the front of the ankle.

If this sounds like what you have experienced, then try out these techniques.

Begin with the self mobilization called the pen and pump. You can also use a foam roller or small ball to clear the area of tension.

Remember that these techniques should be no more intense than about a 5-6/10. If the muscles around the area are guarding the techniques are pretty useless. Your muscles need to be nice and relaxed to get the full benefit of these mobilizations.

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Happy running!

Coach Asher

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