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Dasher Personalized Running was established after witnessing pain and heartbreak time and time again in the physical therapy clinic and out in the running community. There is an inherent injury risk to running and chasing big, scary dreams - BUT there are also ways to mitigate injury, mental burnout, over training, under recovery and chronic fatigue. 

DPR partners with all levels of runners with the primary goal of running happy and healthy for as long as possible. Strength programs and gait analyses support effective form, strong mechanics and powerful running, while interactive running plans offer fine tuned progressions with recovery based on your individual needs. There is no need to comb through the sea of articles, webpages, and blogs in desperate search of the right plan for you. Each program is built off the foundation of your life circumstances and what YOU respond to best. 

When you join the team, you'll also get access to our private Facebook team page, where we cheer each other on, share tips and wisdom learned on the run. 


Michael S.

I started running 5 years ago because I wanted to feel better, lose some weight, and to keep old age away. For the first few years I tried doing things on my own. I made some gains, but soon hit a plateau. Then I started working with DPR. Things I have accomplished since then:

  • Set 5 PRs in the Half Marathon and 10K, shaving off more than 8 minutes off my Half Marathon time.

  • Learned the right way to train. What kind of training to do when, and how to do all of this and be injury free.

  • How to tackle both the physical and mental aspects of training. 

  • I run hard, smart and happy :-)