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Asher Kyger Henry

Doctor of Physical Therapy

B.S. Exercise Science

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

VDOT Certified Running Coach

Performance Enhancement Specialist

4-time All American 

5th Female OA, 2017 US Trail Half Marathon Champs

Hi there! My name is Asher, founder of DPR. I provide run and strength training with an emphasis on injury prevention and enjoyment. I specialize in coaching beginner to experienced trail runners and providing accessible strength and prehab routines that blend flawlessly into a running program. I enjoy helping runners transition from the roads to the trails as well as prep for fantastic multi-day adventures. Runners on the team have completed trail 5ks, Grand Canyon R2R2R traverses, and multiple finishes at Moab 240 and Cocodona 250.

Professional Running History

I began my career coaching youth at Bellarmine Preparatory School, where I coached four successful seasons prior to entering physical therapy school. As a physical therapist, my heart broke for injured runners in the clinic - most of which were self-coached or followed a rigid training plan that only focused on outcome goals without consideration for long-term enjoyment and health. Caring for each runner was personal, as I had experienced burnout and hormone depletion from similar training in the past. I wanted to help others avoid this (way too common) frustration and heartbreak rather than just treat it after the fact and so, I founded Dasher Personalized Running in 2017. On the DPR team, we focus on frequent athlete-coach communication and flexible training that blends prehab and strength for stronger, more resilient running.

Personal Running History

I was a three sport athlete in high school, using running as a means to get fit for team sports. In college, my deep love for running began to grow and I committed to racing at Missouri State University. I continued my track and cross country career post-collegiately before making a full transition to the trails in 2016.

Asher is a 4 time All-American and top 5 finisher at the USA Trail Half Marathon and 10k Championships. She finished her first 50k in November of 2021! She enjoys hanging out with her toddler and Australian Shepherd puppy, whom have the same level of energy and wildness.


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