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BA Spanish and Business

Master in Education, teaching English as a foreign language and bilingual education

Road Runners Club of America Level 1 Certified

Coach at Mile High Run Club in NYC

Former XC Coach at the Spence School

Hi there! Let me introduce myself. I am Leslie: a runner, educator, and food enthusiast. 


From early life into high school, I played soccer but was convinced by a friend to join the local rowing club. So, my first experience in coaching and guiding others was as a coxswain. For me, running was always a part of training for other sports but never anything to be enjoyed. I participated in intramural sports as an undergrad before picking up running more seriously in graduate school when I started to run with a local group in Gainesville, FL. I found my passion for it quickly and in 2014 was convinced by a friend to sign up for my first half marathon and marathon's been downhill since then (kidding). 

I first started coaching virtually because I wanted to share the knowledge gained through my own running journey with friends and family near and far. This led to a RRCA coaching certification to formalize my understanding of training and to feel confident coaching people who weren't just friends or family. In addition to virtual coaching, I work at Mile High Run Club (a treadmill running studio) in NYC. With a background in education, my coaching philosophy centers on fostering a growth mindset. I view running as a learning opportunity for everyone who approaches it, whether it's their first mile or 5000th. In this learning adventure, the goal is to get to the finish line through joyfulness, purpose, and fun. 

Leslie specializes in coaching road racers in the 5k to marathon distance. Personally, she primarily races the 5k and 10k distance and is on a journey to break 20 minutes in the 5k! Leslie loves delicious food, a relaxing Sunday and is a newly wed in New York City!




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