Run for the joy of it.


The beautiful thing about running is that it is a giver.


Smart, consistent training produces happier, more enriched lives - with the added bonus of personal bests, BQ's, and all the other accolades.


The DPR team embraces this, and is filled with amazing people (like you!) who want to challenge themselves and crush goals but most importantly, enjoy the ride (ahem, run). 


Initial Athlete Questionnaire.

The questionnaire is covers all the ins and outs to develop a good understanding of where your running adventures have taken you, and where you plan to go. Please fill this out before our initial chat so I had a good idea of your baseline! 


Let's be honest. No training plan goes exactly as planned.


Sometimes we need to flex up if adaptation is happening faster than expected or flex down if there is a time constraint or injury scare. This is possible with unlimited, daily communication.


Coaching, training, racing (and life) support.


Running is not only physical and other stress (emotional, relationship, work, life, family, academic, etc.) will play a part. This is life. We don't exist in a bubble and neither should running, which is why your daily log will include space to add anything that might be affecting your running - or anything you need a little encouragement on. I am here. On your side. Always.

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