What is bodywork therapy? 

As a licensed physical therapist, I provide bodywork in the form of soft tissue mobilization and cupping. I assess your personal restrictions and points of concern, then manipulate tissue to increase circulation, release trigger points and adhesions, as well as minimize taut and tense bands of muscle that can form with training. By improving mobility, pliability and circulation, muscle function is enhanced and recovery can occur at a faster rate.  I've worked with clients challenging their bodies through various avenues: running, triathlons, pilates, yoga, cycling, gymnastics, weight lifting and team sports, just to name a few - and would love to help you too! 


I have a Level 2 Myofascial Decompression Certification (MFD) and am also credential in IASTM aka

"scraping". MFD is known as active "cupping" - unlike cupping utilized in acupuncture,  MFD improves the glide of fascia and muscle by moving the tissue through it's full range of motion.  I was trained at University of California-San Francisco by the innovator and top researcher in the field, Christopher DaPrato. As one of only two practitioners in the Seattle-Tacoma area certified in Myofascial Decompression, I provide a scientific, evidence-based techniques difficult to access in this part of the country. 


Located in Issaquah, Washington

Cost:  $75.00 per session 

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Issaquah, WA